Let’s Talk About Nunavut: The Most Northern Territory in Canada

What is Nunavut?

Nunavut is the third largest territory in Canada and it is located in the North. Nunavut was created on April 1, 1999, by the Canadian Parliament. The only other Canadian territory that has a land claim dispute with Canada is Nunatsiavut (Labrador).

The capital of Nunavut is Iqaluit, which has a population of 6,000 people. The language spoken in Nunavut is Inuktitut, which is one of the official languages of Canada.

Nunavut has some interesting attractions for tourists to visit such as Quttinirpaaq National Park and Kivalliq National Park. Some popular attractions for tourists are Igloolik, Pond Inlet, Arctic Bay, and Rankin Inlet.

What is the History of Nunavut’s Sovereignty?

Nunavut is an Inuit territory located in the Canadian Arctic. It is the youngest and newest of Canada’s three territories, having been created in 1999.

Nunavut became a territory of Canada in 1999 when it was granted self-government by the Government of Canada. The territory had been part of the Northwest Territories until that point. Nunavut has land borders with Greenland to the north and Quebec to its south.

Canada’s sovereignty over Nunavut was controversial from its inception because some Inuit felt it would be better for their culture if they were independent of Canada.

What are the Top Activities to Do When Travelling to the Nunavut?

The Top 10 Activities to do When Travelling to the Nunavut are:

1. Visit Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut

Iqaluit is the capital of the territory of Nunavut and a Canadian territory located at the tip of Ellesmere Island in Northern Canada. It is one of just two permanently inhabited places in the world north of the Arctic Circle and has a population of about 3,480. Iqaluit can be reached by plane or by boat from Greenland or Iceland.

2. Explore the Canadian Arctic

The Canadian Arctic has some of the most beautiful and pristine nature in the world. The vast landscape is full of natural wonders, including icebergs, glaciers, wild rivers, and more. There are many things to do when traveling to Nunavut – the only Canadian territory in Northern Canada.

3. See the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that can be seen throughout the year in the northern hemispheres. The color of the lights varies from red, orange, yellow, and green to purple. It’s said that the best time to see them is in September-January due to weather conditions. If you’re planning a trip this winter, here are some top activities to do while traveling to Nunavut.

4. Go on a dog sledding tour

In the Arctic, you’ll be able to see landscapes that only a few people in the world get to visit. One activity you should consider doing is dog sledding. It’s a hands-on adventure with a variety of different experiences. You are guaranteed to have some fun while enjoying the serene nature of this land.

5. Watch a polar bear and her cubs at play

Nunavut is a Canadian territory in the North and the most northerly part of Canada. In this region, polar bears live among other Arctic animals like caribou, snowy owls, wolves, and seals. You can experience the natural beauty of this region from one of the best vantage points – from a polar bear’s point of view!

6. Visit an Inuit community in Resolute Bay, Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories is a Canadian territory located in the north of Canada, stretching from the Yukon to the Arctic Ocean. Resolute Bay is one of the main hubs for Nunavut and due to its location, it offers visitors a chance to experience Inuit culture and heritage uniquely.

7. Catch a glimpse of a walrus or whale along the coast

As you travel to Nunavut, you will have countless opportunities to catch a glimpse of some of nature’s most majestic creatures. From walruses and whales along the coast to polar bears in the tundra and caribou in the mountains. During your travels, you may be able to spot a rare arctic hare, reindeer, and the famous aurora borealis.

8. Take part in an Inuit dance show

In the last few years, the Inuit community has significantly increased its participation in cultural tourism. The most popular activities are, of course, watching traditional Inuit dancing and taking part in a show. In the last few years, the Inuit community has significantly increased its participation in cultural tourism. The most popular activities are, of course, watching traditional Inuit dancing and taking part in a show.

9. Join an overnight camping trip with an Inuit guide

Inuit guides are like a part of the landscape, always there when you need them. They can be your personal guide or they can lead a group on an overnight camping trip. The Inuit culture is often seen as mysterious and untouched by many and the experience of a night in their tent is something you won’t forget easily.

10. Enjoy traditional Inuktitut music and dancing

Nunavut is the largest and northernmost region of Canada. It is also the second least-populated province. The region has a rich culture which is often passed down from one generation to the next through traditional Inuktitut music and dance. One of the most popular activities in Nunavut is to learn and dance traditional Inuit dancing.

Best Time to Take Your Trip to Nunavut 

The territory of Nunavut is Canada’s largest and most northern. It is also one of the most remote territories in the world. The best time to visit Nunavut is between July and September.

Nunavut is a land of ice and snow, where you can experience the Arctic Circle firsthand. Its beauty will take your breath away!

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