eHealth Saskatchewan: Online Airtime for Insured Patients

ehealth saskatchewan

What is the eHealth Saskatchewan Plan? This is the first time in over a decade that Saskatchewan has put together a comprehensive vision for health care. This plan was developed by the eHealth Saskatchewan team and is designed to meet the needs of residents. It will also improve health care and make it more affordable …

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Understanding Alberta Blue Cross and its Benefits

alberta blue cross

What is Alberta Blue Cross and What Kind of Benefits Does it Offer? Alberta Blue Cross is a health insurance provider that offers a wide range of health benefits and services to its members. It provides coverage for medical, dental, vision, prescription drugs, hospitalization, and more. It also offers Medicare coverage for seniors and those …

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Manitoba Immunization Card & How it Affects Your Health

manitoba immunization card

What is the Manitoba Immunization Card & Why is it Necessary? The Manitoba Immunization Card is an important document that helps to keep track of a person’s immunization records. It is issued by the Manitoba government and contains all the necessary information about a person’s immunizations, including which vaccines they have received and when. This …

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Ontario Health Card Renewal: What You Need to Know

ontario health card renewal

The Ontario health card renewal is a health care insurance plan sold by the Government of Ontario. It is mandatory for individuals in Ontario and can be purchased using income tax returns, payroll deductions, or on behalf of an eligible dependent (i.e. your child).  The cardholder will be covered for a limited number of services …

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Public Health Ontario: Eliminating Patient-Care Barriers

public health ontario

Ontario’s public healthcare system Ontario’s public healthcare system is unique. It is one of the most affordable in the world, and it provides universal access to a wide range of services. Ontario’s public healthcare system has been praised for providing high-quality care that is accessible to everyone with an annual budget of $22 billion. In …

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Alberta Health Services – The Main Problems Faced by Albertans

alberta health services

General Background of Alberta Health Services Alberta Health Services is a provincial government-funded health care system in the Canadian province of Alberta and was created in 2008 when the Alberta government merged the provincial public health care system and the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCP). Alberta Healthcare Services: A Beginner’s Guide It is the …

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Get the Best Medical Clinic in Canada

medical clinic

What is a Medical Clinic and How Does it Work? A medical clinic is a healthcare facility that is designed to provide medical and dental care to patients. It is usually found in a hospital or doctor’s office. A medical clinic provides the following services: Why do you need to choose a medical clinic in …

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