The Top 7 Best Mexican Restaurants in Canada

A Mexican restaurant is a restaurant that serves Mexican food. The term is often used to refer to restaurants that serve Tex-Mex cuisine, which is a style of Mexican-American cooking.

There are many types of Mexican restaurants with different styles, such as the taco stand, taqueria, and Fonda. In Canada, some popular types of Mexican restaurants include:

Taqueria: A small stand with a few tables where customers order food from a menu and pay before eating

Taco Stand: A small stand where customers order tacos from an assembly line

Fonda: A family-style restaurant with a large menu

What is Mexican Food?

Mexican food is one of the best in the world. It is varied, tasty, and deeply omnivorous. It is both simple and complex. Mexican food can be as simple as a quesadilla, which is a warm tortilla with melted cheese, or as complicated as chicken in mole negro (an Oaxacan sauce prepared with dozens of hand-ground ingredients). 

Tortillas, spherical flatbreads composed of corn or wheat flour, are a mainstay of Mexican cuisine. Tacos are warmed tortillas with seasoned meat or vegetables, whereas quesadillas are packed with melted cheese. 

Corn flour makes many flatbreads besides tortillas. Sopes are thick maize discs with beans, sour cream, and salsa, whereas huaraches are torpedo-shaped flatbreads with beans, guisados, and salsa. Gorditas, a Bajío delicacy, are thick, circular maize flatbreads grilled and loaded with cheese, meat, or other contents. Corn is used in many traditional cuisines, including tortillas and other flatbreads.

Why are Canadians so Lazy about Mexican Food?

Canadians love Mexican food and have a lot of Mexican restaurants in Canada. However, these restaurants are not as popular as they should be. Canadians seem to be very lazy about Mexican food and it is one of the reasons why there are not many Mexican restaurants in Canada.

The Canadian love for Mexican food can be attributed to their proximity to Mexico. They have been exposed to the cuisine since childhood and are deeply connected with it. Canadians also feel they are welled with the cooking because they have been eating it for so long.

One of the reasons that Canadians don’t like Mexican food is that they don’t know how to cook it properly or don’t want to bother cooking something when there is an abundance of restaurant options available right next door.

Top 6 Best dishes at Mexican Restaurants

Mexican food is famous for its rich and diverse flavors, textures, and colors. It’s no wonder that it’s become one of Canadian’s favorite cuisines. Here are six of the most popular Mexican dishes you can find in restaurants across the country:


Burritos are flour tortillas with meat, beans, and cheese. Tortillas can be filled with lettuce, tomatoes, and other veggies! All burritos are big and simple. To cook, fill the tortilla and fold it in thirds. The burrito is then browned in a pan. Burritos are flavorful and filling! Burritos are ideal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because they can be made with many components. Authentic Mexican burritos are delicious! Visit your authentic Mexican restaurant today!


Tacos are another popular Mexican meal that every foodie should try! This meal is named after its soft corn tortillas. Tacos can contain chicken, beef, pork, or vegetarian options like onions and peppers. The taco is folded in half and baked. It stays there till it turns crispy for that delicious texture we all enjoy. Soft tacos are made by warming a corn tortilla in a pan! Like hard shell tacos, soft tacos usually consist of meat, lettuce, cheese, and veggies. Tacos are great appetizers or small meals before the main entree.


Quesadillas elevate snacking! A flour tortilla containing cheese, meat, or veggies is folded in half and fried till golden brown. Traditional folding involves triangles. Quesadillas are Mexican pizzas! These snacks can be packed with your preferred vegetables and meats. Because they satisfy just enough, they make wonderful appetizers for those who want to save room for the main course.


Another Mexican cuisine that has garnered international fame is the Nacho. Though it might sound like a simple snack- nachos are more than that! Tortilla triangles cooked till crispy and golden brown make these chips. Cheese, meat, vegetables, sour cream, and guacamole top them! They’re fantastic appetizers, snacks, and dinners!


Mexican tamales are another must-try! A great side dish is steamed corn wrapped in wheat dough with meat or veggies. It may be pre-Columbian. Today, practically every Mexican restaurant serves it! Tamales are served with rice and beans after hours of steaming.


Mexican fajitas are also popular. Fajitas consist of meat or veggies, commonly prepared with onions and peppers by your favorite Mexican restaurant- served on a sizzling platter (or skillet). Guacamole, salsa, or cheese dip are served with fajitas to add flavor!

The Top 7 Best Mexican Restaurants in Canada

Canada is home to many great Mexican restaurants that offer authentic dishes from Mexico. Here are the top seven best Mexican restaurants in Canada.

1. Como En Casa

At the northeast intersection of Yonge and Wellesley in the heart of downtown Toronto, Como en Casa – Fresh Mexican Kitchen is a welcoming Mexican eatery. Their specialties include some of the most popular Mexican dishes with a fresh and healthy touch. They also provide rapid service and homemade Mexican food while upholding strict standards for quality and hygiene.

Fast, friendly service is provided for dine-in, take-out, and delivery orders. The menu features some of the most famous delicacies of Mexican cuisine in addition to hearty favorites like Quesadillas, Burritos, and Tacos.

The Mexican cuisine at Como en Casa is festive, with a mosaic of flavors dancing on the grill and pots humming with a range of classic guisados (stews.)

2. Campechano Adelaide

Campechano Adelaide is a Mexican restaurant located in Toronto, Ontario. The restaurant offers authentic Mexican dishes that are made from scratch and the food is prepared fresh daily. It also has an extensive selection of tequila and mezcal from Mexico as well as handmade tortillas and salsas.

The Campechano Adelaide has been rated as one of the best Mexican restaurants in Canada with many positive reviews online.

3. Mi Casa Mexicana

Mi Casa Mexicana is a Mexican restaurant chain that has been around for more than 30 years and is one of the best restaurants in Canada. Their food is authentic and delicious. They have a variety of dishes to choose from, including tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas, and more.

Mi Casa Mexicana offers great-tasting Mexican food at affordable prices. If you’re looking for a great place to eat Mexican food with your friends or family then Mi Casa Mexicana is the perfect place for you!

4. La Bonita Restaurant

La Bonita Restaurant is a Mexican restaurant that has been around for over 30 years with locations in Toronto and Ottawa. They are known for their authentic Mexican dishes and bottomless margaritas. La Bonita’s menu includes tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, fajitas, enchiladas, chile rellenos and more. They also have a variety of margaritas including the classic tequila-based ones as well as mango-based cocktails.

5. The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos is a Mexican restaurant that has been serving up delicious dishes for over 30 years in Canada.

The restaurant has been around for decades, and they have a loyal following of customers who love its food. It is also a popular spot with celebrities who are looking for a good meal in Toronto.

The Three Amigos is known for its authentic Mexican cuisine and great service. From the homemade tortillas to the fresh salsas, all of their food is created to order.

6. La Patrona

La Patrona is a restaurant that has been serving the best Mexican food in Canada for over 30 years.

The restaurant was founded by Gilberto and Maria De La Cruz in 1981. The couple worked hard to make sure that the food is authentic as possible, using only natural ingredients and traditional cooking techniques.

La Patrona has received numerous awards for its dishes, including the Best Mexican Restaurant in Canada award from TripAdvisor, which they have won six times since 2010.

The menu includes dishes like beef tacos, chicken enchiladas, fajitas, and more!

7. Corazon De Maiz

Corazon De Maiz is a Mexican restaurant located in Toronto. It has been awarded the best Mexican restaurant in Canada by Toronto Life.

Corazon De Maiz has been open since 2009 and has received multiple nominations for the best Mexican restaurant in Canada. The restaurant offers a great selection of traditional dishes that are made with fresh ingredients and authentic recipes.

The atmosphere at Corazon De Maiz is casual, inviting, and comfortable with brightly colored walls and fun décor. The staff is knowledgeable about the menu and will help you make your selections based on your preferences.

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