The Top 5 Best Korean Restaurants in Canada

What is a Korean Food? 

According to the proverb that “food is the finest medicine,” the people of Korea have held the belief that food and medicine originate from the same place and, as a result, fulfill the same purpose for as long as recorded history has been kept. They hold the belief that both health and illness stem from the food they eat and how they consume it, and this concept has been instrumental in the development of traditional Korean medicine, the fundamental tenet of which is that we should only turn to medicine after food has been tried and found to be ineffective.

Fermentation is one of the most important concepts to grasp to gain an understanding of traditional Korean cuisine. Fermentation is a metabolic process that “ages” food so that it can be kept for a longer period. Doenjang, which is a soybean paste, ganjang, which is a soy sauce, gochujang, which is a chili paste, and jeotgal are some of the Korean delicacies that best illustrate the heritage of fermentation that was formed in Korea (fermented fish sauce). The duration of the fermentation process might range anywhere from a few months to a few years.

History of Korean Food in Canada

Korean food has been on the rise in Canada. This is due to the increased number of Koreans who immigrated to Canada over the past few decades. Koreans first arrived in Canada during the Korean War (1953-1955). However, it was not until the 1980s that Korean food started to become popular among Canadians.

In 1987, Kim Ho Man opened a restaurant called “Chef Kim’s” which became a landmark in Toronto’s Korean town and is now considered today as one of Toronto’s most iconic places. 

Korean restaurants are a popular choice when it comes to Asian cuisine and is known for their delicious and healthy ingredients.

Korean restaurants in Canada are great places to try authentic Korean food. They offer a wide range of dishes that are flavorful, filling, and affordable. The best part about Korean restaurants is that they are easy to find in most major cities across Canada.

Korean restaurants serve traditional dishes like kimchi and bulgogi as well as modern fusion dishes like bibimbap, which is a mix of vegetables and meat served on top of rice with an egg on top.

The Best Dishes to Order at a Korean Restaurant

Many people who have never eaten Korean food before are often intimidated by the complexity of ordering it in a restaurant. The best way to order it is by asking for the most popular dishes and then being open to what else they can make for you.

1. Kimchi Bokkeumbap

Kimchi Bokkeumbap is a popular Korean dish that is served at most Korean restaurants in Canada that are made of fried rice with vegetables, meat, gochujang (a red pepper paste), and kimchi. It’s served in a hot stone bowl and topped with sesame oil, green onions, and toasted sesame seeds.

2. Korean Corn Dogs

Korean Corn Dogs are a popular Korean street food. They are typically served in hotdog buns and topped with kimchi, mayonnaise, and a spicy Korean chili sauce.

Korean Corn Dogs are one of the most popular Korean dishes in Canada. They can be found in many restaurants but especially on the streets of Toronto where it is sold by street vendors.

3. Galbi

Galbi is a Korean dish that is traditionally made with beef. It is often served in restaurants or at home. Galbi also spelled gal-bi, is a Korean dish that is traditionally made with beef. It is often served in restaurants or at home. Galbi has a variety of different variations and can be found in almost every Korean restaurant in Canada. This dish can be prepared using various types of meat such as pork, chicken, fish, and vegetables.

4. Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ is the most popular type of food in the world, with some restaurants serving it up by the pound. They have a distinctive flavor and aroma, which comes from their marinade of soy sauce, sugar, garlic, onion, and ginger. The main ingredients for this marinade are available at any grocery store or Korean supermarket – making it easy to create your own delicious Korean BBQ dishes. 

5. Bibimbap

Bibimbap is a Korean rice dish that can be made with different vegetables, meat, and sauces. Different recipes might include a variety of Korean ingredients such as sesame oil, red pepper powder, soy sauce, miso paste, and more. This recipe features beef as the main ingredient served in a bowl with hot stone bowls of rice and kimchi.

6. Gamjatang

Gamjatang is a popular Korean stew made with beef, potato, and onion. It is a filling and nutritious dish that is perfect for those with a heavy appetite. Gamjatang is typically eaten in the fall and winter seasons due to its warming and rich flavors.

7. Bo Ssam

A dish known as bo ssam is prepared by boiling pork shoulder until it is extremely soft. The meat is then sliced very thinly and served. This dish is typically served with a spicy radish salad, raw garlic, ssamjang (a spicy dipping sauce), salted fermented shrimp, kimchi, and assorted vegetables such as napa cabbage, perilla leaves, and lettuce.

5 Top Places to Eat Korean Food in Canada

Koreans are known for their love of food, and Toronto is no exception. Here are the 5 best places to eat Korean food in Canada:-

1. Imonay Korean Restaurant

Imonay Korean Restaurant is a popular Korean restaurant in Canada. It was founded in 2016 by two former restaurateurs from Korea. They wanted to introduce the traditional cuisine of Korea to Canadians.

Imonay Korean Restaurant serves mouthwatering, high-quality dishes that are packed with flavor and are prepared according to traditional recipes and is the place to go whenever you have a hankering for Korean food; it doesn’t matter what the occasion is!

It is a large, modern, and spacious restaurant. The walls of the restaurant are decorated with pictures of different Korean dishes. The restaurant’s menu offers a variety of traditional Korean dishes such as kimchi and bulgogi. Other popular items include barbecue chicken wings and spicy galbi tang. There are also some more Westernized options on the menu such as burgers, pasta, and fries.

Imonay Korean Restaurant’s Address: 665 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1L2

Reviews: 4.5 out of 5

2. BIWON Korean Restaurant

BIWON Korean Restaurant is a restaurant chain that offers a variety of authentic Korean dishes. The restaurant is located in Toronto and has been serving food for many years. It was founded in 1990 by the owner, BIWON Lee. The restaurant serves traditional Korean dishes such as bibimbap, bulgogi, japchae, samgyeopsal, and more.

BIWON Korean Restaurant’s Address: 473 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G8

Reviews: 4.6 out of 5

3. Sura Korean Royal Cuisine Restaurant Vancouver 

Sura Korean Royal Cuisine Restaurant Vancouver is a Korean restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia. It offers traditional and contemporary Korean dishes, including bulgogi, kimchi fried rice, bibimbap, and rice cakes. Sura is the perfect place for anyone who wants to try authentic Korean food without having to travel overseas. 

Sura Korean Royal Cuisine Restaurant Vancouver’s Address: 1518 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C3

Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 

4. Baekjeong Korean BBQ House in Edmonton

Baekjeong Korean BBQ House is the perfect place for anyone looking for authentic Korean food and a family-owned restaurant that has been serving up traditional Korean cuisine, including bulgogi, bibimbap, and kimchi jjigae. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes that are made with the freshest ingredients. 

Baekjeong Korean BBQ House’s Address: 2874 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 6V7

Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 

5. Bob’s Bulgogi

Bob’s Bulgogi is one of the most popular Korean restaurants in Toronto and has been around for over 20 years. They are known for their high-quality food, friendly staff, and affordable prices. This makes them an ideal place to go when you’re craving some authentic Korean food near you. 

The decor has been updated with a trendy Korean restaurant aesthetic. To start you off, order one of their delicious Banchan (appetizers) such as Kimchi Chigae (spicy cold tofu soup) or Kimbap (Korean sushi). 

Bob’s Bulgogi’s Address: 105 Victoria St, Toronto, ON M5C 1N7

Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 

In conclusion, Korea Food has become a staple dish in Canada and its popularity will continue to grow as more people discover this delicious cuisine.

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