Best Thrift Stores In Calgary

Clothing is one need you can’t live without; it’s a need. The bad news is how we can get in Canada, the good news is how thrift stores have made things easier for us.

Do you like to go on vintage clothes or do you just like fair prices—you’re in the right place, just that you should be in Calgary.

Here, you get the best of thrift store options and see a great deal ranging from clothing, accessories, furniture, and more. 

Here are some of the best thrift stores in Calgary:

1. MEOW Charity Thrift Shop

MEOW (Make Each One Wanted) Charity Thrift Shop is a consignment center in Calgary that aims to help cats in society.

It operates as a not-for-profit company, and the funds raised from the sold items are used for the well-being of cats.

MEOW Foundation, a registered charity, takes care of the food, shelter, and health needs of cats. 

The thrift shop accepts donations of various products for the cats. Customers who buy from MEOW Charity Thrift Shop contribute to the welfare of stray cats in the region.


  • Non-profit organization
  • Rating: 4.7 stars(Google)
  • Address: 41 Ave NE Unit 110, Calgary, Canada
  • Hours: Opens 10 am
  • Phone: +1 403-735-1015.
  • Website:

2. Wilder’s Consignment House

Wilder’s Consignment House is one of the leading consignment boutiques in Calgary.

The store specializes in offering luxurious items from famous brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Gucci.

Their collection includes handbags, jewelry, accessories, and clothes. 

Wilder’s Consignment House provides a selection of high-end products for customers to enjoy.


  • Luxurious Sales
  • Rating: 4.8 Stars(Google)
  • Address: Elbow Dr. SW, Calgary, Canada
  • Hours: Opens 10:30 am
  • Phone: +1 403-454-7836
  • Website:

3. 17th Ave Thrift Store

The 17th Ave Thrift Store is one of the most popular thrift stores in Calgary.

It not only offers a variety of clothing and accessories but also supports a mission of providing support and shelter to stray animals.

This pet-friendly store accepts donations of new or gently used clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, purses, kitchen items, and more. 

They have also donated items and funds to several local organizations.


  • Cash on-spot resale
  • Rating: 4.7 Stars(Google)
  • Address: 17 Ave SW, Calgary, Canada
  • Hours: Opens 10 am
  • Phone: +1 403-453-1305
  • Website:

4. Veterans Association Food Bank

The Veterans Association Food Bank is another famous thrift store in Calgary.

In addition to accepting donations of food items like ketchup, pickles, rice, and canned food, they also accept toys, pet items, kitchenware, and home decor.

This thrift shop collaborates with local charities and performs buy and sell processes to support their mission.


  • Pet friendly
  • Rating: 4.8 Stars(Google)
  • Address: St NE #10, Calgary, Canada
  • Hours: Opens 8 am
  • Phone: +1 403-367-8387
  • Website:

5. Junk In The Trunk

Junk In The Trunk is a unique thrift store in Calgary that offers a collection of vintage and new items. 

The store aims to reduce waste production by reusing and recycling day-to-day items. In addition to clothing, they also provide cleanout and junk removal services.

The store has different sections for toys, tools, furniture, home decor, and more.


  • Clean up services
  • Rating: 4.5 Stars(Google)
  • Address: Ogden Rd SE Bay 11, Calgary, Canada
  • Hours: Opens 10 am
  • Phone: +1 587-223-5865
  • Website:

6. Mission Thrift Store

Mission Thrift Store is one of Calgary’s most popular consignment shops. It is a Christian organization with multiple shops across Canada. 

They offer second-hand items, accessories, furniture, clothes, office supplies, and books.

The donations they receive empower the lives of people in local communities and reduce waste production.


  • Fashion sales
  • Rating: 4.4 Stars (Google)
  • Address: 26 Ave SW, Calgary, Canada
  • Hours: Opens 10 am
  • Phone: +1 403-246-7298
  • Website:

7. Urban Thrift

Urban Thrift is a Calgary thrift store that sells impressive clothing, accessories, and other items. They offer a mix of vintage, traditional, trendy, and unique pieces.

The store ensures that all items are clean, fresh, and in almost new condition.

With a constantly changing collection, Urban Thrift provides customers with a variety of options. 

They also have a Facebook page where people can follow them.


  • Boutique sense
  • Rating: 4.2 Stars (Google)
  • Address: Centre St N, Calgary, Canada
  • Hours: Opens 11 am
  • Phone: +1 403-769-1934
  • Website:

8. World Serve Thrift Store

World Serve Thrift Store is known for its incredible treasures and great deals. They offer a wide range of products at excellent prices and provide excellent customer service. 

The funds raised from this thrift store are used for humanitarian and mission endeavors.

World Serve Thrift Store collaborates with local communities to ensure the quality of their products.


  • Used Clothing
  • Rating: 4.0 Stars (Google)
  • Address: 58 Ave SW, Calgary, Canada
  • Hours: Opens 10 am
  • Phone: +1 403-474-4766
  • Website:



Some thrift stores in Calgary, such as the 17th Ave Thrift Store mentioned in the article, are pet-friendly and may even support animal welfare causes. However, it is advisable to check with individual thrift stores regarding their pet policies.


You can contribute to thrift stores’ sustainability efforts by donating your gently used items instead of throwing them away. By shopping at thrift stores, you are participating in the circular economy and reducing the demand for new products, thus reducing environmental impact.


Thrifting has become increasingly popular in Calgary, with a wide range of thrift stores offering affordable and unique options for shoppers. Feel free to shop for fashionable clothing and vintage items.

Do you have a heart for humanity? You are welcome to lend to charitable causes. Thrift stores in Calgary provide an excellent shopping experience, you won’t only get the best quality for your money, you’ll be saving lives at once.

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